新宝体育 Announces Industry’s First Commercial Switch Platforms with Dent to Accelerate Smart Retail and 企业 Edge Infrastructure

Availability of 新宝体育 Prestera Switches Running Dent Network Operating System Bring Benefits of Open Source 网络 to the Borderless 企业

加利福尼亚州圣克拉拉. – Oct. 12, 2021 – 新宝体育 (NASDAQ: MRVL)今天宣布其Prestera® Ethernet switch platforms incorporating Dent are being deployed by leading enterprise customers worldwide, 开启自主联网的新时代. Dent, Linux基金会的一个项目, 提供一个开放的, modern network operating system supported by a rich ecosystem of software providers and hardware ODMs to bring lower total cost of ownership and 非常高效。 operation to the distributed enterprise edge. 通过这些客户部署, 新宝体育 is helping to accelerate the build-out of Ethernet switching infrastructure in emerging applications in the borderless enterprise, 比如自主零售, 通过提供更快、更安全的连接. The new technologies offered by 新宝体育 in collaboration with the Dent ecosystem and Linux Foundation allow retailers to transform physical stores to smart retail connected environments that benefit consumers through easy, 非常高效。, 以及轻松的店内体验.

登特发布了第一个基于linux的网络操作系统, 代号为“亚瑟,在新宝体育的Prestera切换平台上, enterprises can easily transition to disaggregated networks while benefiting from flexibility in deployment and customization by virtue of open source. 登特使用的是Linux 5.6内核,利用SwitchDev简化集成, 消除复杂的抽象, 并支持现有的Linux工具链.   

“Our continued collaboration with the Dent community enables us to expand our industry-standard application interfaces on our Prestera switch portfolio, 让新宝体育的客户充分利用完整的网络操作软件生态系统, 以及开源的灵活性,盖伊·阿兹拉德说, 总经理兼高级副总裁, 交换机事业部, 新宝体育. “除了, 新宝体育的交换设备的优化技术带来了网络可见性, 情报, 无边界企业所需的性能和安全特性. This combination is helping to accelerate the transition to open disaggregated networks and the continued growth of deployments at or near the network access edge.”

新宝体育很高兴新宝体育成为Dent生态系统的一部分, helping to bring innovative solutions for automated and personalized user experiences for the smart edge and retail networking,Arpit Joshipura说, 总经理, 网络, 边缘和物联网, Linux基金会. “下一代的远程建筑, retail stores and enterprises will have workloads and services close to the applications and users. 一个简单的, disaggregated Linux/SwitchDev-based switch to power this borderless enterprise will enable an ecosystem of apps to simplify integration across the ecosystem.”

“军事R&D带来独特的挑战, and it’s paramount that we make technology choices that facilitate flexibility for emerging mission requirements. We’ve found that open source software is crucial to achieve the robustness and flexibility our mission demands; it gives us a balance of cost effectiveness, 选择和能力所有权,乔纳森·波罗姆说, 工程师, U.S. 陆军开发司令部地面车辆系统中心. “Our R&D的努力已经广泛使用了领先的开源软件,特别是Linux内核. We’re excited to see a community developing and contributing support for new hardware platforms into the upstream kernel sources.”


“达美已经建立了基于Dent技术的完整的白盒网络平台, helping drive a disaggregation model in edge that offers cost and flexibility benefits to customers looking for OEM solutions,托德·格雷戈里说, Delta Electronics(美国)白盒网络总监. “The deployment of our 1G and 10G Ethernet switch boxes with 新宝体育’s Prestera devices and the Dent OS in real world applications demonstrates the power of open source to accelerate technology innovation in networking.”

“作为开放网络的领导者, we have seen the power of open source technologies and the impact they have on transforming how information technology is developed and used today,何猷龙说, 软件工程副总裁, Edgecore网络. “We look forward to working closely with 新宝体育 and other members of the Dent open source community to further transform the way the businesses connect and enable the transition to disaggregated networks.”

“Linux革命终于进入了网络领域. 新宝体育PLVision很荣幸通过与新宝体育的合作做出了贡献, 专注于Switchdev驱动程序和Dent操作系统的设备开发. It has been an incredible opportunity for us as a software product development services vendor that specializes in networking and, 具体地说, NOS推动和促进开源创新,列昂尼德·赫迪克说, PLVision的CTO. “新宝体育’s determination and strategic vision signify the superior level of this market player’s maturity. 凭借其在边缘计算设备方面的领先地位, 微调边缘应用, 新宝体育是Linux基金会Dent项目的最佳推动者.”

“We are excited to be working with 新宝体育 to commercialize the Dent Linux Foundation project that empowers modern network infrastructure for the distributed enterprise. 登特和萨图拉的复制品.一个软件堆栈, 新宝体育 switch customers can experience open source networking supported on state-of-the-art switch silicon from 新宝体育,卢卡·佩尔科夫说, CEO, Sartura. “Sartura is pleased to collaborate with 新宝体育 to bring differentiated Linux-based networking technologies to the Dent community. 非常重视安全的行业, 灵活性和开放性, 即联邦机构和其他政府机构, 认识并利用这种方法的优势. Sartura will continue to collaborate with 新宝体育 and the Dent community to accelerate the adoption of disaggregated networking for our customers.”

“WNC is excited to see adoption of our 1G and 10G Ethernet switch white box solutions based on the continued momentum in the Dent ecosystem as customers look for open source options for edge networking,拉里·李说, WNC网络业务集团执行副总裁兼总经理. “The availability of our platforms with 新宝体育’s leading Prestera switch devices and the Dent OS will help customers accelerate deployments for distributed enterprise edge applications across vertical markets.”

For more information about 新宝体育’s portfolio of switch solutions for the borderless enterprise, 请访问 here.


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